QOTW Six: Great Responsibility

07/02/2008 by Gaea

Hello again, blogophiles :-) It's been a while! Hypnos assures me that this will show up on the Cask of Blog section, and that it will be but the work of a moment to swap it over when and if I get my own little corner of the internet to ramble on. Usual Tuesday service should resume next week. In the meantime, I had some fun writing a silly parody Blog Song over in the Cask of Blog forums - you can read it here if you're feeling particularly masochistic. I frequently get asked about what I like best about

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QOTW: Guest Post

06/18/2008 by Hephaestus

Hello, Bloglodytes*! Gaea's unavailable this week, but it made her sad to think of you all out there, anticipating your quota of QOTW, so here I am. One of the perrenial questions we get asked is what it's like to work in the Three Rings office. It is Teh Awesome place after all. The sad fact, for a lot of us OMs, though, is that we don't work there! As some of you may know, a lot of the Ocean Masters work from home, and there's a very good reason for this. YPP is a worldwide enterprise, and if someone's

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New Release 06/18/08

06/18/2008 by Hypnos

Ahoy, all and sundry! As you've no doubt been hearing, a new release is coming to all oceans, as posted by Bungleton (whose forum avatar still makes me snort every time that I see it) here. Whee! With this release comes hopefully the fatal crunch of these annoying bugs' exoskeletons: Fixed monsters getting overly aggressive and double-ramming in Atlantis Atlantis navers rejoice! As an oceanmaster, I get a fair number of complaints about problems with the monsters in Atlantis, from them spawning in unlikely and impossible areas to their movement tokens being unreasonably high. Thankfully, with each patch we've put

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QOTW Five: Hello, Dolly!

06/10/2008 by Gaea

What ho, blogizens! So far, my informal poll-that's-not-really-a-poll poll on topics people would like to see has indicated that the general experience of being an OM is one of the main topics of interest, along with opinion on game-design issues. Keep 'em coming! This week's question is one which I hope to be able to stop being asked soon! Not that I mind people asking. Do you have a doll? It's usually followed by when you have a doll, can I have one? The short answers here would be Not yet and Maybe. We'll see. I don't really know yet.

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FAQ (fatuously answered questions)

06/09/2008 by Hephaestus

I was just on my way out of here, when I noticed that there were some quick questions for me, so here's a little postscript.... Did Hephaestus and Aphrodite come into the game at the same time as a coincidence?As far as I know! As I'm sure a lot of players may do, I had my if I were an OM, which god would I be worked out long before I ever seriously considered applying for the job. You see a lot of New Agey veneration of various earth and nature gods (sorry Gaea!) but not a lot of love

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Alien Autopsy

06/09/2008 by Hephaestus

One question has been on the minds of enquiring pirates this week - Malacats! What are they? Where did they come from? Why are they green? Hang on - that's three questions! Clearly there's a lot to answer here, and it's not going to be answered by idle speculation. Science experiment! So, I headed on up to the Palace Shoppe, and bought myself a bag of Malacats. This brings us to the first experimental fact we learn about Malacats. Put more than about four of them in a sack, and things start to get ugly. I'm not sure that's too

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Office Update

06/04/2008 by Hypnos

This week, I'd like to highlight pirate Toppyhopp of Sage's contribution to the Yohoho Tools application that our island designers and artists often use to create Puzzle Pirates scenes. Stepping up to fill the lack of a Mac client, this mate created, updated, and hosted a Mac client of the toolkit himself that is listed in the Y!PPedia Yohoho tools article. Hats off to you, Toppyhopp. As Malachite starts receiving its first greenies and Puzzle Pirates deploys some new items in a release preceding some new bits and bobs coming to Ice shortly, I would like to take some time

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QOTW Four: Suction Cups.

06/03/2008 by Gaea

Salutations and greetings on this fair day, Bloggians. It seems it's that time again! A couple of you responded to my last post, in which I asked what sort of subject matter you're interested in hearing about, which I do very much appreciate. For those of you who missed it, it's here. I'd love to hear from a few more people as well. Those of you who answered, I will see what I can do! I may not be able to go very far into the reasoning behind things, but I will try. It's been an interesting week in Pirate

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Spinning Yarns

05/29/2008 by Hypnos

Our Captain Cleaver, Daniel James made Beckett Magazine's list of the 20 Most Influential People in MMOs. Hooray! The list is stocked with big names from the games industry, including Sanya Weathers of Dark Age of Camelot fame and mistress of GuildCafe, Rob Pardo from Blizzard, and Richard Garriott of NCSoft, to name a few. When asked for comment, Cap'n Cleaver said, I am honoured to be recognised as one of the few influential MMO folks. It's of note that many of my fellows work inside major corporations creating very large and expensive MMORPGs. I'm pleased that Beckett's recognised a

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QOTW Three: Veni, vidi... vinci?

05/27/2008 by Gaea

Hello again, bloggos and blogettes. Has it been a week already? It appears so! When I decided to do this, I planned on doing a mix of light-hearted items (as the first two Questions of the Week were) and questions which popped up frequently in petitions, which is what I had planned for this week and will do. The issue I have with the latter type is that currently, the blog is read by people who are familiar with the forums and with YPPedia, and the questions which I get asked most via petitions tend to have answers that more

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